Sunday, 16 June 2013

A photo story with Faiz and Mark

We had a look at some interesting photo essays in class, discussing the rationale behind them and how they can be structured.

World Press Photo - John Moore, Evicted

World Press Photo - Wolfram Hahn, Into the light

POLP Photo Essay.pdf

We chose to focus on the college canteen and our story ran like this:

 An opening shot that should introduce the topic, but ideally create a little curiosity too. A girl and a boy and a touch of flirting at the counter.

 A scene setter to clearly identify the location and some its protagonists.

 A detail or medium shot of a girl working in the canteen - a particular feature of this sort of place.

 A close up to reveal another characteristic detail of the environment.

 A portrait that says something distinctive and leads you deeper into the story.

 Action and interaction to illustrate the story further.

A final shot that draws the series to a close and leaves the viewer with something or some sentiment.

The canteen wasn't the most exciting or easy topic for us to handle, but as we worked at it, and used the photo essay pointers as a guide, a story and a structure came together.

Big Up Team MFM for a collaboration that delivered the goods! ;-) 

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