Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fun with Photoshop and Lightroom

A big part of the last few months has been learning how to process my own images with more sophisticated software. This has been a steep learning curve, and very time consuming.
These basic controls are very similar to those in Lightroom, the application that has become my standard for organizing and processing my images. The Lightroom Library interface is below, and there are notes on the extensive adjustments that I made to images for both my assignments in the image log.

Much more extensive image processing is possible with Photoshop, and I am just beginning to explore what it can do.
I haven't used Photoshop extensively to adjust any of my images, but I have learned to use various tools in the palette courtesy of Mr Fruit Face - selecting, moving, cropping, re-sizing and transforming all the elements that make up his fruity face, and using some of the brushes to sort out his moustache and stubble.

And courtesy of my dapper cowboy I have had a bit more practice at using these tools, whilst also learning the basics of using layers.
These are simple exercises (in terms of what Photoshop can do) but they are a route into the software and a way of understanding tools that I can use on my own images. If I can afford to buy it that is, and remember all of this! ;-)

And last of all here is a portrait of Jess and Andy posing at Fielden. Photoshop's photomerge feature is designed to create panoramic landscapes from successive shots, but I thought I would turn it on its head and create a portrait. This is five shots linked into one - an indication of how powerful this software is.

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